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My Summer Vacations

For my vacations this summer I went to Idaho falls.

I met Uncle Don. I stayed at my Grandma and granpas house. on Monday I got an icee. I met my cousins. I saw wild animals at Yellowstone. My favorite animal I saw was a coyote. I did see a bald eagle and baby eagles in their nest on top of a big tree. They had white heads. I hqd huckleberry ice cream in yellowtone.

I went to a reunion in Ashton, where I waded in a cold, cold creek. It was pretty.

With Uncle Don , we fed the ducks, ate ice cream at reeds dairy (i had cookies and cream), went to the Idaho Falls temple visitors center, we got chicken balls at Walmart. I was happy to meet my penpal. I met Great Aunt Linda, she is really nice and likes to hug. I can't touch the walls. my mom won't let me.

With Aunt Adriana I went to feed the ducks again. I also ate at artic circle. and a free super small ice cream cone. I went to her birthday party. Uncle Curtis and Aunt Adie are having a baby in October. I went to the baby shower for the baby at Olive Garden. It is going to be a boy. Do you wonder how I know, Aunt Adie told me. They have a big fat furry cat named Bobbin. He is smart like our Taz was.

I had ice cream bars at Mr. Captain Joe and Miss Nurse Ann Marmo's house. I had two of them. They had a nice and cold basement. They were nice.

I visited Aunt Camille. she has a really big, clean house. She has a cute baby boy named Max. Also Andrew who is my age. I am faster than him. (don't show Andrew my big brothers say). Uncle Ryan likes baseball and doesn't talk much.

I met my second half favorite cousin Lauren. Jordon is the first half favorite. Lauren is from colorado. She is close to my age. She has blonde curly hair. Her mom is Aunt Becky and her dad is Uncle Jeff. She has a cute little brother with blonde hair Chase. He runs all over. He chases me and Lauren. She has lots of older sisters with red hair.

Papa Steve turns 70 soon and we had his party. We even had t-shirts. I karaoked Hannah Montana songs with Lauren. Papa Steve likes to work hard, mow lawns and rest his eyes. He just had surgery. I think he is better.

Grandma Jan loves her cats and Max. She likes to shop like my mom. She likes her Black Guy. She took us to visit the "mansion" where Elvis lives. My mom met Elvis there. Aunt Sherry and Uncle Dane were not home, but she sure had a very nice house, with a beautiful flower garden. We liked the roses.

Uncle Dave is really really sick. We pray for him every night. He doesn't have hair, but likes to wear baseball hats with tractors on them. John Deere. He also loves his dog that is small and furry. Aunt Anne is really nice. She lives at the Wild Rose, my grandpa calls it the project on five acres. They have visited me in my Georgia house before, and I have visited them when they lived in Florida.

that is all I can think of.

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